ChatGPT is pretty cool ... I won't use it here

Been having fun, like a lot of you out there, with ChatGPT.

The idea is that ChatGPT (or Generative Pretrained Transformer) is an AI bot that has learned how to write in a myriad of styles incorporating the tons of information it has at its disposal.  Chat bots really started years back where companies who had physical people ready to answer questions via chat (or in older times, via phone) realized that a lot of what they were answering was the same question over and over), so what if the system could recognize it was a question of "how do I pay my bill" and built a bot to answer those simple questions, diverting the tougher questions to a real person.

It's gotten way more complex nowadays and it's pretty cool what you can have the chatbot answer for you now.

I finally got a real demonstration of someone who uses it professionally the other day and I'm now hooked.  Taking a job description, or writing up a government progress report and then feeding it into the chat bot, it'll spit out a very professionally sounding text.

Pretty cool.  We started to have fun with it; writing songs, or coming up with a drink recipe given some ingredients.  

I can definitely see myself using it more and more.  Some for work for reports to smarten it up, or even our minor football president used it to write his AGM speech.

But, I promise you something.  When it comes to this blog... my social medias where I'm connecting with you readers (and that's my hope, that I am 'connecting') with you; that I will not be using it for this site in generating any content.  [there is GTPZero - a tool to deconstruct some content and try to evaluate whether it was created with AI or not]