BenQ has a monitor for your eyes

I often have to remind myself to do the 20-20-20.  Something I REALLY had to do during the Work-From-Home times.

Every 20 minutes, look away from your monitor, focus on something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Staring at screens can really tire our eyes.  Something BenQ has thought about and incorporated into some of their monitors.

Check out these options (most using USB-C excites me, but will it fix the issue I have with 4K and USB-C killing WiFi...)

GW2485TC | 23.8" 1080p Eye-Care IPS USB-C Monitor
($299.99 CAD)

  • Noise cancellation microphone minimizes distractions
  • USB-C & daisy chain
  • Coding mode for easy readability and coding efficiency
  • Ergonomic design with slim bezel

·         Available online at

EX270QM MOBIUZ 1ms 27" IPS 240Hz QHD Gaming Monitor
($1,029.99 CAD)

  • 27-inch 2560 × 1440 16:9 IPS 240Hz Gaming display
  • HDRi and true sound audio by treVolo deliver immersion
  • 1ms GTG and AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro for smooth gameplay
  • Available online at


PD3420Q34-inch 2K WQHD P3 USB-C Mac® Compatible Designer Monitor ($1,029.99 CAD)

  • 34-inch LED 21:9 ULTRAWIDE, 33% extra screen real estate for video editing
  • USB-C synchronizes images, videos and data seamlessly, and can charge your mobile devices with an all-in-one cable
  • Equipped with 98% Display P3 color space
  • Available online at