Xbox Game Pass - Cloud Gaming Option for your phone

Stadia's going away, and I'm trying to find something that will fill that void.  I've never been a big 'gamer', but it's nice to have something to play here and there, and I have a hard time justifying the investment into a 'console' of some sort that I may not use so often.

Recently, I've gotten to play with the Gamevice Flex, and it's offered a free month of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes their cloud gaming service ($17CDN/month).

Now there are cheaper options of the service, but this option allows you cloud gaming, the others are only available on your PC or Xbox.  So if you just want to play on your phone, you have to go to the 'Ultimate' for the cloud service (it's in beta) still.

Now, to play you'll need to sign up and then get the Game Pass app on your phone.

Once in you'll see a ton of different games you'll have access to.  Scroll away and play to your heart's content.

They'll categorize them into different genres and features and some of them you won't even need a full controller for, just touch controls on your phone.


I do like to play with a controller - and it's the Gamevice Flex for me.

Now, for $17 a month, it's a lot of games and there are even more options on your PC, but to play those on my PC I would still need to download and 'install' them.  There are few that you can stream in the cloud on your PC as well, but you'll have to play with a controller (I was able to get my Stadia controller to work).

If I'm playing on my PC I'd prefer to play with Mouse & Keyboard, and that just isn't an option (it's all meant for a controller). So not an ideal match to stack up against Stadia, but I'm in the minority probably.

If you're an Xbox user, this is probably the perfect companion as you'll make the most use out of it.  For a casual gamer without the Xbox ... it just isn't for me, but it's been pretty neat to play with thus far.  If they had an option for just mobile at a reduced price, then it'd be attractive to me.