Unboxing the Gamevice Flex

With Stadia going away, playing on my phone is going to feel a lot 'smaller' soon.  But to help there's a new device out there called the Gamevice Flex.

The idea is you have controller 'bumpers' you can fix to your phone AROUND A CASE even, that then connects to your phone's USB-C and you can use it for all sorts of games.  It even has a headphone jack for you. 

The device runs $100USD - but if you don't mind taking your phone out of the case and not having the headphone jack you can have the basic model for $50.

Here's me unboxing the Flex:

But seriously, using this is pretty cool.  Being able to just pop it over your case is super convenient.

Made to mimic the Xbox controller this even has its own app to show you what type of services and games it can work on and will give you 1 month for free of Xbox Game Pass.

I'll have a full review up soon.