Taking a screenshot on a Pixel Watch

Okay, this one I had to look up during my bit for the last article on the Pixel Watch update.

How do you take a screenshot with a Pixel Watch.  I knew the WearOS had a command within the Wear app to do it.  But maybe the PW has a button combo?

Nope, everything I looked around for on how to do it told me that the command is there, just hit the 3 dot menu button on the Watch app.  But there was none there... weird.

In order to get the 3 dot menu function you have to put the watch and the phone into 'developer mode'.

You remember how to do that?

On the phone:  Settings / About Phone - then tap "Build Number" a bunch.

On the watch:  Settings / System / About / Versions - then tap "Build number" a bunch

After that your Pixel Watch app will then have the 3 dots in the upper right which gives you the option for taking a screenshot (among other developer'ish things).

Now, interestingly enough, unlike taking a screenshot with your phone, it doesn't just automatically save this picture on the device ready for you to attach it or something.  Instead, once it's done it puts up a notification on your phone and asks you what you want to do with it... if you dismiss it, the screenshot is gone.

What it's prompting you to do is share it.  Share it to facebook, or email... I set mine to default share it to "Upload to Google Photos".