Odd trick to force your Pixel Watch update

Okay, for a few days there everybody was getting these "update for your Pixel Watch" is out.  And, I get used to us being in Canada getting things a little slower than the rest of the world.  Even our Pixel 7 update was a day or so behind everybody else.

But I just wasn't getting any new update.  Several articles out saying it hit, but not me.  I'd go into Settings > System > System Updates and it'd look like it would check, but then say it's "up to date".


and then I heard about this tip.  Apparently, it came from some sort of easter egg or bug from Fossil devices.

If you tap the icon of the watch in that display... tap it a BUNCH of times, it'll just update if one's available.

I didn't believe it, but it actually worked.  It takes like 30 or 40 taps it felt like.  I tapped and tapped and then I kinda looked away because it felt ridiculous, but then I looked back and it said "awaiting charge for update" (it wants the battery at about 60% to do the update and I was at like 40%).

Now, how it suddenly knows there's an update vs when you go into that screen you see the little circle showing it's loading or at least looking like it's checking.

But this forced it.  


Now... if only I could get my Google Home update... I'm still awaiting that one.