Using the Pixel 7's unblur feature in Photos

Okay, so the brand new Google Tensor 2 chip can do some cool things, one of the new features in Google Photos is to 'unblur'.

Now, to unblur a photo ... and this can be ANY photo in your Google Photos albums.  Going into editing a photo you can choose to 'unblur'.  These should be 'blurry' photos and not just 'unfocused'.

Here's me showing how it works:

Interesting how it does take a few seconds to really calculate it... whereas anything that I throw at the 7 Pro has no issue in slowdown... and I can swap between other apps without issue - and there was a time that it came back with an issue saying 'no connection detected' (so is it needing to do work in the cloud, meaning that any device could do this, not just the Pixel 7 line?