Pixel Watch users can now get Sleep Profile if you have Fitbit Premium

Google's really pushing Fitbit... and I'm scared, tbh.  It's a right mess (the app never updates for me, the widget is just non-working, and although I have it connected to Health Connect, it never shares info... weird).

But, if you bought a Pixel Watch, it is the main health/activity app.  They've even allowed Pixel Watch users to get 6 months for free of their premium service.

And something new with the premium service is the new Sleep Profile that you can now access on the watch.

Now, I'm still not a fan of sleeping with the watch on.  Let alone the battery concerns me... I had a FULL day the past week -6am until 130am- and with very minimal use it did have ~35% left, but that's doing nothing.  

Anyways, a new feature available for premium users.