TD is killing tap-to-pay in its own app - leaving Android users with little option

So, I got this email in my inbox today.

Just after I had actually used the TD app to tap-to-pay.

Interesting.  3 days' notice that they're removing a feature out of it.

And, seemingly, they're removing it because there are GROWING ... other digital wallets.


As TD only supports either Apple Pay's wallet, or the Samsung Pay wallet.

I called TD and was told I could use one of those.  But, I'm a Pixel user... so I don't have access to either of those wallets.

Guess, I'm out of luck.

I've tried to get responses - but nobody will say anything.

2 things REALLY piss me off about this.

TD has FOREVER railed against not using Google Pay, and they would cite always that they don't need to go there because they have their own tap-to-pay.  But then why use Apple or Samsung?  Leaving their own app and not moving to the popular Google option is just silly.

Secondly... ONLY 3 DAYS?  Not a month, not even a week's notice.  Did they suddenly just lay a bunch of their staff off and there's no one behind the desk to work on bugs?  

It's all odd.

I've been a TD customer since I can remember.  I remember getting my own little bank pass book and doing my deposits and seeing that balance as a kid.

Not being able to use my TD credit card in Google Pay sucked, but at least I had their app to use.  It was a pain to go to a store, open Google Wallet for my loyalty card, and then switch to the TD app to pay, vs. being able to use a single app in paying.  

Now I don't have that option at all.  I can use my phone for the loyalty card and then have to dig out the physical card to pay.

I'm just flabbergasted by this and thinking it's time I finally stop being a one bank guy... I think I'm going to have to look at my banking options.