Play games on your phone? Gamevice Flex is now only $50USD

With Stadia closing playing games for me are going to be limited again back to on my phone (maybe I'll get that Play Store Pass program).

Playing on your phone can be fun but sometimes interacting on your screen for use is annoying and covers up part of the game.  Check out Gamevice Flex here for an accessory that gloms onto your phone and will connect as a controller.  [Interesting that Pixel 6 is not supported - must be something for the USB-C port]

It's even on sale now for $50USD



Experience Hundreds of Console Games on Your Phone Via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Without the Hassle of Removing Your Case

SIMI VALLEY, CA – OCTOBER 25, 2022 – The cloud gaming experience with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate just got easier and better as Gamevice, the industry-leading mobile gaming peripheral innovator, has announced that Gamevice Flex is available now for Android and iOS mobiles phones. From the creators of the original Gamevice and partner mobile controllers, Gamevice Flex eliminates the hassle of removing your phone case to attach your mobile controller for unmatched comfort and control when gaming. For the first time ever, gamers have access to a mobile controller that will adapt to the phone case they use. The Flex Adapter Kit provides a great fit with the lowest of profile cases like Apple’s thin silicone case to premium cases like the OtterBox Symmetry and UAG Monarch, offering compatibility with thousands of phone and case combinations for iOS and Android.  
The Flex is larger than the original mobile controller, featuring better ergonomics that provide more comfort for longer gaming sessions. Flex evolves with your phone and case needs, as you upgrade or change your phone or case, simply reset your flex with the adapter sizing kit and get back to gaming.
Gamevice Flex for iOS and Android is now available on Gamevice.comAmazon,, and for $99.95 on Android and $109.95 for iOS. All Gamevice Flex units come with a one-month free voucher for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new subscribers.
Watch the Gamevice Flex trailer
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The cloud gaming revolution has arrived as gamers are now empowered to play major console titles on multiple platforms with services like Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Start playing a game on the living room TV, continue your session in the hallway, and complete your daring quest in the kitchen. Gamevice Flex delivers a seamless transition from console to mobile cloud gaming featuring premium console-quality buttons, Hall effect triggers with long range, improved ergonomics for extended play, and (by popular demand) a 3.5mm headphone jack. Now any phone can be turned into a console by attaching a Flex.
Gamevice has previously licensed their products under third-party partner brands. Those third-party products will sell through remaining inventory and be discontinued. All current and future products will be sold under the Gamevice brand.
Gamevice Flex, an official ‘Designed for Xbox’ product, is now available for Android and iOS phones for $99.95 and $109.95 respectively, at,,, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers players access to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) at no additional cost and delivers hundreds of high-quality games to play on a variety of devices. For more information on Gamevice Flex, visit the website and like and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.