Syncwire 40W dual charger is a travel buddy

I got to do some travelling this past summer, yay!  But I still stayed within continental North America.  What if I were travelling to somewhere overseas?  Again, my big 'concern' when I travel is I need power for all the things I use; namely, chargers for my phone and tablet.

Were I to bring any of the other chargers I've had thus far, I'd still have to go out and buy an adapter for the UK/EU power plugs.

Well, Syncwire has this inexpensive 40W dual Type-C charger that comes WITH the adapters already.  Sweet.  

It's $25CDN on sale right now on Amazon.

Here's my unboxing and quick thoughts on it.

So it will do Type-C and deliver PD, but 'only' at 20W at each port - which is still fine.  That's still faster than QC3.0.  I just wish it came with its own USB-C cable for it, I like designating a cable specifically to a charger, that way I'm never taking one from here to put there, and then have to remember to put it back.  Can never have too many cables.