Roku launches Ultra streamer

We cut cable a long time ago (before it was cool ... hah 😄)

Our first foray into that streaming realm was using the ultra simple Roku units back then.  Plug it in, add the service, and you have a remote.  Couldn't make it easier.

Back when, I liked the ... was it the 3 ... where the remote had volume control and it had a headphone jack and the remote was VHF (i.e. not infrared / line of sight).

Looks like they're bringing that powerhouse back with the new ULTRA model.  

Definitely pricier at $129CDN, but it's got all the bells and whistles (seriously, going back to something with a line of sight remote just feels ridiculous in this day and age).  Best feature of all tho' is that the remote has a rechargeable battery.  MAN!  That's worth it alone in the saving of batteries.

Roku Brings Roku Ultra, Its Most Powerful Streaming Player, to Canada


Roku Ultra Provides Powerful Streaming, Hands-Free Voice Controls, Dolby Vision®, Dolby Atmos®, Bluetooth®, rechargeable remote, and more


Roku® OS 11.5 improves searching, discovering, private listening experience, and supports French Canadian voice search


TORONTO – September 27, 2022 – Today, Roku, Inc. unveiled that its most powerful streaming player, Roku Ultra, is launching in Canada. Roku Ultra has a lightning-fast interface, Roku’s best Wi-Fi®, Dolby Vision®, Dolby Atmos®, HDR10+ compatibility, and channels that launch in a snap. Roku Ultra also includes the Roku Voice Remote Pro, which features hands-free voice controls, a rechargeable battery, a lost remote finder feature, and more.


“Canadians are looking for a top-of-the-line streaming experience, and the Roku Ultra delivers,” said Marcin Lempka, Country Manager, Canada, Roku Inc. “With the release of Roku Ultra, Canadians will get new features that support easier search and voice control, as well as a rechargeable voice remote. With a click of a button or by using the remote’s hands-free voice commands, Roku Ultra users can access the content they want, set shortcuts to their favourite channels, or find a lost remote without moving from the couch.”


Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra comes fully loaded with fast channel launch, Dolby Vision®, Dolby Atmos®, Bluetooth®, Apple AirPlay, and more.

        Outrageously powerful: With a lightning-fast interface, smooth UI, and fast channel launch, users can get to streaming in a snap. Roku Ultra is the fastest and most powerful Roku player ever.

        Best picture quality: Provides a stunningly sharp 4K picture with lifelike clarity supporting Dolby Vision ® and HDR10+.

        Best audio quality with Dolby Atmos®Provides immersive entertainment with sound that moves all around with realism that provides a deeper connection to shows and movies. Plus, users can enjoy streaming and private listening via Bluetooth® connectivity.

        Best connectivity: A strong, steady Wi-Fi ® connection is important for streaming the highest picture quality, especially in rooms farther from your router. Users can enjoy fast, seamless streaming anywhere in their home with Roku’s best Wi-Fi ® or choose to wire up over Ethernet.



Roku Voice Remote Pro

The Roku Voice Remote Pro offers a rechargeable battery, hands-free voice for easy actions (such as “Hey Roku, show me action movies”), personal shortcut buttons, and more.

·        Rechargeable battery: Works with any standard USB charger, so users can save money on batteries and keep them out of landfills. The rechargeable battery keeps the remote powered for up to two months on a single charge. 

        Hands-free: Forget about reaching for the remote. Users can say “Hey Roku” and a command to turn the TV on, adjust the volume, control playback, and more without lifting a finger.

        Lost remote finder:   Say “Hey Roku, find my remote” and listen for a little chime to locate; or use the button on the Roku Ultra player or by using the free Roku mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

        TV controls: Power up the TV, adjust the volume, mute, and control streaming—all with one remote.

        Personal shortcuts: Users can set personal shortcuts for one-touch control to launch their go-to channel, pull up search results for their favourite movie, actor, and more.

        Private listening: Allows users to watch and listen without disturbing anyone else around them. They simply plug the included headphones into the remote and turn up the volume to enjoy their favourite show.

        Push-to-talk: Users who prefer to use Roku voice, can leverage the hardware switch to turn off the hands-free voice feature and use push-to-talk voice controls instead.


Roku OS 11.5


The software updates include:


Home Screen

·        Featured Free: Roku’s FREE content offering remains important to device users and now includes Featured Free, an improved experience for discovery and engagement. Featured Free is a content discovery feature on the Home Screen Menu, showcasing free unlocked content from local and global partners, all in one place.

·        Save List: Users can now easily save movies and TV shows from across the Roku platform to create a Save List of entertainment they want to stream later. Search is available as an item within the Home Screen Menu on the TV. Users can create their new Save List with the convenient "Save" option on the title's details page, as well as manage and add to their list from anywhere with the Roku mobile app.


·        Bluetooth ® Private Listening: Compatible with Roku Ultra users can simply head to the device settings to pair their wireless headphones to their supported Roku device. Once connected, they can enjoy sound from their TV through their wireless Bluetooth headphones to their supported Roku device.


Voice Search

  • Roku VoiceRoku is adding new visual tools onscreen to help customers get to their desired channel destination while using Roku Voice. This feature makes it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for when searching with Roku Voice. In scenarios where there are multiple channel offerings for a voice search, a display will appear at the bottom of the screen with relevant options that make it easy for users to see and select their intended channel.
  • French Voice: In addition, Roku has added support of French-Canadian voice search and control to the platform. Users can set devices to French and use any voice remote to issue commands in French.



Roku OS 11.5 will begin rolling out to Roku devices in the coming weeks. The Roku Ultra will be available for $129.99 MSRP at major retailers in Canada in October.

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