Protect your glass with Rhinoshield Flex Screen Protector

I do love a pristine looking phone.  I baby the hell out of mine.  Usually, I'm so dang careful with everything about it, what pocket it goes into, nothing else goes in it then either... but ultimately, at some point you'll look at your phone and see that teenie tiny little scar, that you can only see on certain angles - but it's always there.  Taunting you.

I hate it.

So, not that I want to add any bulk to my phone ... and have never had much fun with those glass protectors - well, here's a rubbery film from Rhinoshield - the Impact Flex Screen Protector.

it's been YEARS since I've installed a screen protector

This is not as thick as a piece of glass, and as it's a bit rubbery it has that any greasy feel to help ensure it stays clean.

But the real value here for this $34CDN protector is not only that it's going to protect your device from those horrifically nagging scratches - it's how easy it was to do.

Sure, I make a hack job of it in the above video - did you notice I had to pause and check the instructions before trying again :/

But it was relatively painless and not so exacting.  Some I used to have to do you'd have one shot at it and if it wasn't perfectly lined up... well, kiss that money goodbye, because there was no way I was going to live with it just slightly so crooked.

This material is just a little more forgiving I found.

That being said, I did notice that maybe I was a little too over-eager with the squeegee item to get the bubbles out as on a black screen and with the right angle of light I can see those lines I ground into it.

Not terrible mind you.  Maybe they'll settle out with time.  I noticed that when I installed it there was almost that perfect line in the middle - but that disappeared over a day or 2.

I love the peace of mind it's providing me that I know it's not going to scratch the glass.  However, you do have to give it a little more cleaning now and again in the corner as the edge of the screen protector is somewhat kinda sticky or something and attracts lint like crazy.

I can assure you, I'm not that messy

Okay, maybe not 'like crazy', but for a clean/neatfreak that I am I like to get in there often.  A perfect storm of the protector edge and the nook of the case that I keep watching.

I have to admit, the first few days of having it on I 'felt' the protector and was like 'ugh'.  But after about 2 weeks with it on, I barely notice it's there (except when I'm up close and can see the lint).

There's not even a hiccup for the fingerprint sensor to not work.  Everything just does their job like it should.  Phew

Check it out: