Hands tired holding your phone - Rhinogrip it

I've never been one to really use those pop-sockets or whatevers, but there have been times I've sat for a lengthy period of time that it's just an awkward angle for your wrist.

Then those would be handy.  And I didn't mind this one from Rhinoshield - the GripMini or the GripMax

For only $14-18CAD you can get the mini and for $27 you can get the one I'm showing off here as the Max.

Nothing to secret special about it, does what it says on the tin.  

The part that sticks to your phone is a non-permanent adhesive surface, which means if you placed it incorrectly, or in a way that is too awkward to hold (I found the fingers were just a little too low to reach through and touch the power button for me), you can give it a little bit of a torque and it'll come loose.  Do it a few times and you may have to clean the adhesive with a little water and then let it dry before it's sticky again.

(the Max version here has enough space for 2 fingers to go through)

I've had it on this phone here for a week or 2 now after a few on and offs and it's still holding enough that I'd feel comfortable holding a phone with it over a railing (confident it wouldn't fall off).

The motion of its extension is smooth enough.  I was hoping with the video that it would also be frictionable enough to hold in part way or angled type settings but no.  Ultimately it'll either be in or out.

A downside to it is that, with it on, you will lose any chance of having Qi.  For me that's a deal killer.  As cool a feature is, I still need to charge it wirelessly.

But, it is novel, and you do have a bunch of options to choose from that are cute and can help personalize your phone for you.