Scosche's GoBat 10,000mAh battery is a teeny perfect addition

Well, I should have been out camping this week, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men...

It happened that we just backyard tented for the week and that meant hanging out in chairs and the hammock (tried to behave as if we were at the campsite).  Without the hiking or swimming option of camp it meant more time just hanging out in the camping chairs and hammocks or just generally lazing about.

Often that meant pulling out my phone (hey, we had WiFi, don't get that camping).  As good as my Pixel 6 battery is, it's not going to last all day.  SO I need some power to keep it charged  - and often going on these kinds of trips I spend a lot of time planning the batteries.  I have quite a few.

A new addition is now the Scosche GoBat 10k, which runs about $55USD.

Now that is pretty expensive for a battery, but 10k is a lot.  That's a shade more than 2 full top ups of my Pixel 6, and it charges with PD, at 30W with its USB-C port, so it should charge pretty quickly.

I also like that for the battery indicator there's 5 dots to let you know how much is left to the approximate 20% ... a lot easier to guess than those with just 3.

There's also a USB-A port for those who need something other USB-C (you'll just have to find a cord as it only comes with a short USB-C to USB-C cable).

But the biggest feature is the size of it.  It easily fits in the palm of my hand.  A lot of the other 10k power banks, or even smaller mAh'age are way bigger.

Now, this is because it's pretty bare bones, no extraneous plugs or ports, just straight a USB-C to charge it up or charge up your device.

It's now my 'go to' portable battery charger as it's so convenient.