Pixels getting Android 13 today

Now, your mileage may vary.  I still haven't got the update on any of my Pixels yet; but it apparently is rolling out.

In typical Google fashion that means that some chunk will get it, evaluate there's no issues, then another huge chunk etc... luck of the draw for what chunk you're in, I guess.

So, soon enough you'll get your Tiramisu (not that that is the official title for Android 13, the 'dessert codename' had been dropped a while back, but the devs still like to give builds names).

What's really interesting to me is that they're letting it out before the Pixel 7, usually a major version drop coincides with a device.  Will the 7 come out with 14??  Naaah... Still, interesting times.

Here's their quick update from the team:

Similarly, starting today, Android 13 will be rolled out across Pixel and Android devices, bringing with it enhanced security, compatibility with other devices and more ways for users to make their smartphones look and feel like their own.


Not only is the update introducing increased personalization and customization, Android 13 also goes beyond the phone, bringing all other devices like tablets and Chromebooks together seamlessly while keeping data safe and secure from the moment the device turns on.


Features introduced in the update include:

  • Themed app icons - With expanded themed app icons, you can set more apps - not just Google apps -  to match your phone’s wallpaper tint and colors.
  • Photo picker - Instead of sharing your entire media library with apps, you can select only the photos and videos they’ll need to access.
  • Notification permissions - Now, the apps you download need your permission to send notifications, helping you proactively protect your time and attention span.
  • Chat everywhere - Send and receive messages across devices by  streaming your messaging apps directly to your Chromebook.
  • Copy / paste - copy content—like a URL, text or picture—from your phone and paste it to your tablet, or vice versa. 
  • Multitasking on tablets - The updated taskbar on tablets helps you do two tasks at once. You can now drag and drop any second app in your app library into a split screen view directly from your taskbar.


The update will begin its rollout starting today across all Pixel devices. For more information, check out this blog post from the Android team.