Roku's Streaming Stick 4K is probably what dad really wanted

Hey everybody, summer's in a swing (we just got through the first heat-dome) and we all celebrated Father's Day on the weekend.  How many of you (me included) went and got something last minute.  Was it really a meaningful gift for the guy that taught you most of what you know?

Is he really going to wear that tie?

Most dads just want to relax some days and it's often in front of a TV watching something... sports or comedies are my dad's favourites.  Give him a Blue Jays game, or a Ti-Cats game or a WC Fields comedy and he's good for the day.

One way to make that watching something easier is with a streaming service.  Some TVs have them built in, but some don't, and for those that don't, Roku has you covered as it's the easiest way to make a dumb TV smart.

I've reviewed several over the years, and they keep changing - today I'm showing you the Roku Streaming Stick 4K.  At $70CDN (on sale for just $60 right now) this is not only a simple solution that'll work for a wide range of TVs, it's also the more attractive one with no IR remote dongle sitting out by the TV.

Here's my unboxing.

So, yeah, it's super simple.  You have a USB wall adapter to plug in to the stick for power, then you plug the stick into HDMI... that's it.  No little port to stick somewhere.  You're good to go.

Setting up Roku is also simple walking through that.

Then using it is even easier as the remote offers the Voice Control feature where you can ask it to find shows for you.

Now, I already have a few Roku in my house and Chromecasts... so I'm going to give this one away.

Maybe there's a dad (yourself) who wants this, check out the giveaway tool below:

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