Checking out Far Cry Primal on Stadia

I'd just finished Far Cry New Dawn on Stadia, and that was a really good game.  Short (compared to Far Cry 5 or 6), but fun.

So let's check out another in the Far Cry series... Primal.

Now, instead of guns, this is 10,000BCE ... so, no guns.

Instead, Takka (you) is running around trying to find his Wenja people, taking out the Udam, who has killed a bunch of them.

Meanwhile, he's taking on wooly mammoths, crafting spears and stuff.

This is just me starting out, but I'll be keeping up on it for a while and doing more live streams if you like.

So, it's tricky as there's a lot more close contact melee than I usually like (I hated that bonecrusher challenge in New Dawn), but we'll just see how I adapt.