Checking out DEATHRUN TV on Stadia

I don't mind a decent bullet hell game now and again.

This reminded me somewhat of the "IT Came From Space" game and very much reminded me of this arcade game from like the early 90s that was similar about a TV show and just a lot of shooting... had to go and Google a lot to remember it was SMASH TV.

Anyways, the idea is you are looking top down onto your 'competitor' and they have 2 guns, one for each hand.  One shoulder controls one firing, the other shoulder trigger th eother.

You go through a series of rooms where you blast baddies and save people (you have to touch them and then bring them to a hole they jump into).

Controls are ... well not finicky, rather, just something I have to get used to.  One analog stick is my moving direction, the other is my gun aiming direction.  Then there's the jump/roll and pick up that I'm often trying to figure out which is which in the heat of dodging all the bullets.

But, it's a free game on Stadia and definitely something to play with friends!