It Came From Space and Ate our Brains

One of the new games this month in the Pro library is "It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains", a fun little 'pixel gun' like game.  Move your blocky character around the rooftops of buildings, blasting aliens while you get money to upgrade you guns and it just gets a little harder as it goes.

It was a lot of fun and after a few moments of playing I got the hang of it even more.

Especially, those 'extras'.  Figured it out.  You can pick up 'mines' or the 'first aid kid' or the shield, or the light ray things.  If you have one already equipped you can't pick up more of them, or swap them out.  You have to 'use up' the accessory in order to get the new one.

It was fun, and I'm getting better at it... got to the alien egg, but by then it's just a little horde of aliens after you that it's hard to get around, even using that L2 'rush' to go through 'em all and try to blast from the other side.  Too bad you couldn't upgrade your hearts or your rushing (and you can only rush WHEN your stamina is full, even if you only use a little bit).