iRobot launches iRobot OS

These little robotic house cleaners are so smart, and now they're only getting smarter.  iRobot had recently expanded the smart mapping options to more devices, and they're going a step further.

The Genius Home Intelligence platform will now be called iRobot OS:

iRobot Unveils iRobot OS – The Most Thoughtfully Intelligent Operating System for the Home

iRobot OS offers more pet features, understands more voice commands and has recognized more objects than any other robot

iRobot OS marks the evolution of company’s Genius Home Intelligence platform

BEDFORD, Mass., May 31, 2022 – iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), a leader in consumer robots, today introduced iRobot OS, an evolution of the company’s Genius Home Intelligence platform. iRobot OS delivers a new level of customer experience for a cleaner, healthier and smarter home. Leveraging iRobot’s growing base of over 20 million connected devices sold, a unique understanding of the home environment and an advanced computer vision platform, iRobot OS is already enabling over 2.7 million cleaning missions each and every day around the world.

“As iRobot expands its ecosystem of connected robots and smart home devices, we are placing a strategic emphasis on superior software intelligence delivered on high-performance, beautifully designed hardware,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. “iRobot OS brings it all to life, enabling products that understand the home environment, respect customer preferences and intuitively connect with the smart home ecosystem to get the job done. iRobot OS lets our robots get smarter and clean even more effectively over time, delivering valuable new features and functionality that benefits all customers, including pet owners, busy families and those looking to get the most out of their voice assistants. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to continuously building upon iRobot OS, providing customers with even more thoughtful ways to clean in the months and years ahead.”

Built With More Pet Features Than Any Other Robot

The #1 choice for pet owners, and the only robot that guarantees it identifies and avoids solid pet waste, the iRobot OS powered Roomba j7 and j7+ robot vacuums are built with more pet features than any other robot. With pet-centric features like Pet Lock and Keep Out Zones, which can be set to prevent a robot from cleaning areas like around a water dish, along with thoughtfully intelligent suggestions like recommended cleaning schedules during pet shedding season, iRobot’s products are designed with the pet owner in mind.

Has Recognized and Avoided More Objects Than Any Other Robot1

Able to avoid shoes, socks, cords, headphones, clothing, towels and solid pet waste, the iRobot OS powered Roomba j7 and j7+ robot vacuums have detected more than 43 million objects in people’s homes. With a computer vision platform that is currently able to recognize over 80 common objects,iRobot OS will continue enabling the Roomba j7 Series to identify and avoid even more objects in the future, letting customers not worry about cleaning up before the cleaning begins. This game-changing functionality has enabled the Roomba j7 Series to become the top-selling robot in both the United States and Japan since it was launched in September 2021.

Understands More Voice Commands Than Any Other Robot

With approximately 600 supported Alexa®, Google Assistant and Siri commands, iRobot OS delivers the most flexible voice-activated cleaning options and understands more voice commands than any other robot.iRobot OS powered robots can clean specific rooms using voice and are the only robots that can be told to clean targeted areas like “around the couch.”

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1US market only. Estimated objects based on US robotic vacuum sales volume from September 2021 through April 2022.

2Robot behavior varies by object.

3Works with Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates. Google is a trademark of Google LLC. Siri is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.