Hub Max now has Look and Talk

I love my Hub Max, it's my kitchen buddy and what I use to get the weather in the morning while making my coffee, catch up on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown while I do the dishes or just listen to the radio while making dinner.

To get it to respond to me, it, like other smart items, needs that "Hey/Ok Google" command to put it into that mode.  But, it has the camera to 'see' me and recognize me (I love walking near it and it'll respond with Hi Ryan, let's look at how to start your day, or something similar), and Google discussed at IO how to build in contextually looking at the device, just like you would with a real person, can set up the command listening mode.  I don't need to say "HEY DEAN" if I'm looking at him and say "take out the garbage", he knows I'm talking to him.  That's how it's going to be with the Hub Max.

Now, it's already in there.

To get it to set up you go into the Google Home app and then look for your hub and click on the gear icon to bring up its settings.  

Then choose in the Recognition & Sharing option.

From there you'll scroll down and look for Face Match settings.

Tap it and you'll now have a new Look & Talk feature you can toggle to 'on'.

Now, it does say once it's on that it may act when you don't want it to.

It's also clear that this is only happening 'on device' and none of what it sees/senses is sent back to Google.

You'll notice when it works because it'll have the bouncing google dots showing it's waiting for a command, and they'll 'stretch' as they are hearing your voice.

Admittedly, I turned it on before I thought about how it might be more painful than useful, but I love testing.

So, I turned it on and while making coffee tried to get it to activate.

Maybe because I was already right in front of it kinda looking in its direction it didn't know the difference when I stared at it.

It didn't quite work for me.  Yet.  I'm going to try more.  I often use it when I'm already in its vicinity kinda looking at it (it's just above the sink under the window so it's like you're drawn to look there anyways).

Here's hoping it works, as I've not had a lot of luck with the Gestures to pause (I'm sure my neighbours must laugh at me looking like I'm trying to salute or wave at my sink).