World War Z: Aftermath on Stadia

So this was one of the freebie games this month, but man April is hectic and I'm only just now getting to play it.

Pretty, fun game.  I've just been playing offline so not matching up with other players/friends.

The game seems to work like a team of 4 go to clear out a 'scenario'.  You get a slot for a hand gun, a primary gun and then a heavy (if you can find them around).

Additionally, you can find items that will help you with the course to defend against the zombie hordes, like a turret, or barbed wire, etc...

It's pretty neat and has a good number of jumpscares in it, and then usually culminates in some all-out zombie tsunami.  These are not your Romero zombies who amble along, these run and there's usually hundreds of them all at once that I'm just at a loss for how we can get through it.

Maybe that's where if I had 4 real players vs me and 3 bots.  But even still, I'm on the lowest setting and it's demolishing me every chance.

I wish there was a story mode to play through tho'.