Playing Adam Wolfe on Stadia

So one of the games we got last month for free in Stadia I just got around to playing - Adam Wolfe.

The idea apparently is that you're a 'supernatural' detective (a la Harry Dresden minus all the wizarding things).  It reminded me a lot of a cross between that Darkside Detective and like Max Payne.

Except the game play was more like Darkside Detective... you click around in a screen for clues to solve a puzzle to finish up ... whatever.

Then you open/unlock more rooms/places to go visit and solve more puzzles.

I like the concept - I really dug games like "The Room".  This however was way more frustrating.

Things didn't make sense - how you'd find a clue, or where a puzzle might be kept.

There was a hole page on the first chapter where I was just randomly clicking because I didn't know, and eventually you just give up and use a hint.  Like there was this pit and you can't go in because it's muddy, but I swear I clicked on the shovel a hundred times and didn't work, but eventually I did and it removed the handle - but the way it looked was that the shovel was deep in the pit, so how could you assume you'd... frustrating.

It could be way better.

Maybe I'll try chapter 2 and it'll get better.