Unboxing the ZTE ZPAD 10

The days of having a laptop to just browse is pretty well gone.  Most people just 'browse' their media with a phone, but I find it's always a little small to scroll through the social media or check the web on a phone.  Sometimes you need a little bit more screen real estate.

But I don't want to go grab a laptop, that's a bit too ungainly for just some couch relaxation.  A tablet is usually the perfect midground.

And - as I always say - Android is about having options.  No one solution for all people.

Today's option is me unboxing the ZTE ZPAD 10.  [just to be clear, not one from a few years back, this is the ZTE K95L]

It's available at the moment through Telus, and for $264CDN outright (they want $11/month) you can put a SIM card in it for data.

Here's me opening up the box:

Now for the $264CDN you get the following specs:

  • 10.36" FHD+ (2000x1200)
  • Qualcomm SM6115 2.0GHz x4 + 1.8GHz x4
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB storage + microSD
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 5MP selfie camera
  • nanoSIM for LTE data
  • 7250mAh

Stay tuned for the full review soon.