Unboxing the Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick

We're in this funny weird time that tech is just ubiquitous... you have to work to be free of it in someway or avoid it.   For those who are like me, we dive in headfirst and just want those sweet neat features now; regardless of how it looks.  Still kicking myself for missing out on my Google Glass back in the day.

Well one of the pieces of tech just about everybody uses with their phone is a set of earbuds where the truly wireless models (a la AirPods) is the one to have.  But many still just look like tech.

Some pod in your pocket.

Huawei has come up with the FreeBuds Lipstick model.  A little pricey at $350CDN, but you have a model that looks like it's meant for fashion.

Well, we got a pair here at the bunker and giving them an unboxing today: