Word Forward - a tricky letter tile game

Okay with all the hullabaloo about Wordle (I won't send you my tiles... but yes, I've noticed it's definitely more difficult lately) I was looking for other word games.  My favourite growing up was Boggle, and very similar to Boggle is this Word Forward game.

It is $3.99 but for the level of challenge it provides, I didn't mind paying it.

The idea is that you have a table of tiles with letters on it, much like Boggle and you have to swipe around in a continuous line to pick out words.  Once you make a word, those letters disappear.  Your job is to make the whole table disappear.

Sounds simple, but it has a twist.  Every level has its own arrangement of letters.  Words have to be 3 or more letters, meaning if you end up making a word and when they disappear a letters is left all on its own and not able to attach to another string - well, you can't clear that board.

It has some helper features where you can swap letter tiles with each other (a limited number, tho' getting longer stringed words gains you more swaps), 2 tiles at the bottom are a given letter that you swap with on the board.  There's a 'random jumble' option where the entire board gets randomly swapped out with other letters (be careful), a specific swap where you can tap a tile and change it to a letter you want and lastly a 'bomb' where you can get rid of just one tile.

Get to clear the whole board with still 3 'tools' left and you can get a gold star.

You don't need the stars to move onto the next board, but it's just something you'd want for a completist like me.

Check out my attempt

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