Huawei's new FreeBuds Lipstick is just in time for Valentine's Day

Yes, the new Lipstick FreeBuds are designed specifically to have a chic look and feel of a premium set of buds that mimic a lipstick holder (container...?  what are they called... sleeves?).

The box looks premium (they even put a small fragrance in the box to help with the allure), and they seem in spec eerily similar to the FreeBuds 4, just in an attractive container. They both have some noise cancellation (which I loved in the 4i model) but also has an "Adaptive Ear Matching" technology where it can map out the sound profile of your ear to give you the best kind of acoustic sounding.

You'll get up to 4 hours of play time (ANC off, about 2.5hrs with it on) before needing charging and the case can help charge it 5 more times.  Should be about 22 hours of total play time (14hrs with ANC).

This chic friendly piece of tech will set you back $350CDN.  So a little pricy, but that's the cost of fashion these days.