Figment on Stadia is a neat little puzzle adventure

So I've played a few of those puzzle games where you wander around and find the horn that you can then put in the hose and the giant then gets scared or something and you move on to the next area.

Figment looked a lot like that... it had the real vibe of Mechanarium, which is really going back in time for me.  So I expected that.

I didn't expect the level of 'sass' the game has so far, and the bit of adventure style because your character does have a sword and there is some baddie battle to it.

Check it out.

It's a very simplistic style game, not a lot to really go wrong, but it's fun.

The battles with the baddies and bosses does leave something to be desired, it can be a bit slow and cumbersome, but it's not terrible.