Encodya - neat puzzle game

Okay, after finishing Darksiders 3 I needed something else to play.

Why not go back to my tablet, and I had an opportunity to get Encodya, a game on the Play Store for $11.99.

The idea is that it's a semi 3D game where you can control Tina, who's an orphan in a dystopian future like Cyberpunk who has a pal SAM-53, a robot, like most kids are given at birth in this era.

The 2 of you go around the underbelly of the city and see what you can find to eke out a bit of a life.  You walk around and find things and use them in the style of puzzle games.  

I used some rotten sushi with a jar to help try to catch a bug in a jar.  Not sure what for, but I'm sure it'll be useful.

The controls are a little un-intuitive - you touch anywhere on the screen and then while it's down move it back and forward like a virtual joystick.  With the style of game it is and touch screen, you'd think they just make it "tap to where you want your character to go"... I couldn't pair up a controller to move the characters around.

I tried to use a gamepad with it but there's no options for it in the game, so it's definitely not meant to be played with one.

Plus, moving around in a scene isn't intuitive either as what looks like walkable area suddenly isn't.

Finding interactable items is next to impossible.  You can't see them on the screen and know they're something; you literally will just have to have your character walk every pixel to see if options pop up on the screen.

I really got about a few screens into the game and losing track and interest in it.

It looks good, just doesn't play nearly as well as it could.

I wanted to like it, it looked like a neat kids version of Cyberpunk, but it really wasn't.

Maybe on a different platform it'd be better (like Stadia?)