Chorus is a free demo on Stadia

Maybe it's just my Scottish nature, but I sure glom onto something when it says "FREE".  And today Chorus just introduced itself on the Stadia store as a demo, and regardless of what plan you're on Stadia you can get this game as a demo in your library for a time.

I gave it a quick spin.

Chorus is a dogfight game in space from what I can tell.  I skipped right over the narrative (let's just get to the bang bang right!?!).

The game is a little different than other dogfight style games, and I do have to admit, I'm terrible at these types.

The left stick is up for thrust, and down for brake (and you can brake in space) and left / right for the left stick you do a barrel roll dodge (but you have to be moving... found that out the hard way).

Using the right stick changes your nose direction (by default it's set to up is go up, down is go down... you can change that to inverted if you want to be like a flight game).

So far I played during my lunch break and I had a bit of a difficult time to get the navigation.  I'm not used to flight games.  You can have a 'sense' feature to help you find objectives, but even still I had some difficulty keeping track of directions.

It also incorporates a bit of a 'role playing' game as you get choices of what to do here and there to help you proceed.  Typically in those situations those decisions may hurt or help you in the future.

I'll be interested to give it a more of a try.

It may be like the free demo they gave on the Fenix game, which I just loved.  Maybe this will be the next Fenix.