Larry is back - Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Dry Twice now on Android

Okay, if you're above a certain age, you may know of a certain game that had some "didja hear about this game..." kinda fame.  It was the late 80s and there was no internet - and people wanted to share games it was a stack of 3.5" disks.  But everybody still knew about this game - even tho', I never got to play it, I had heard about it.

Leisure Suit Larry.  An innuendo filled puzzle game.

Well, he's back with "Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice" now out on Android and iOS.

Out for $12.99USD on the Play Store (to purchase the full game) you can guide the wandering Larry through a point and click clue/puzzle adventure

Check out the trailer for some nostalgia.

Is That a Phone in your Pocket? Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice Available Now on iOS and Android

Wiesbaden, Germany - 25th January, 2022. Oh, behave! Today, prolific indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Crazybunch are excited to announce the mobile release of Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice. Now available on iOS and Android mobile devices for £12.99 / €14.99, you can do more than just “swipe right” on our titular heartthrob. Take Larry’s love quest on the go and help him explore the gorgeous Kalaua’a archipelago and uncover a deliciously devious plot, all while aiding in finding his one true love. 

Stranded on the island Cancum after the events of Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don’t Dry,  Larry’s darling soulmate, Faith, has vanished without a trace, with the only clue to her whereabouts being a weak signal from her PiPhone. Journey through the tropical island paradise in the pursuit of true love, flexing those fingers (on the phone screen, naughty!) solving puzzles and meeting the locals along the way. Faced with an island of beautiful women, will Larry stay Faithful? Or will he give in to temptation? Your call, cupid!

The sensational sequel to critically renowned Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, Larry Laffer is no stranger to praise — sitting pretty at 85% positive rating on Steam. Our man’s latest adventure also won 2020’s Adventure Game Of The Year award, receiving acclaim from both new and old point-and-click adventure fans alike. 

Watch the Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don’t Dry mobile launch trailer here 

A press kit can be downloaded here

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Key Features Include: 

  • Explore the Kalaua’a archipelago with all its mysterious and magnificent islands — featuring over 50 beautifully hand-drawn locations
  • Meet over 40 new and old friends from Wet Dreams Don’t Dry and chat up some fresh new feminine friends
  • Help Larry solve difficult and exciting (and maybe a little erotic) new riddles and complete quests, providing him with a truly happy ending

To make up for his naughty behavior, romance expert Larry Laffer and Assemble have teamed up with ShareTheMeal to promote a ‘Save the World’ Edition of the title on PC via Steam for  £38.99 / €44.99. This edition contains the official soundtrack and digital artbook, with every purchase guaranteeing two meals for hungry children around the world. Larry’s amorous adventure sequel is also available on PlayStation 4Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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