Google TV is getting even better features with Home and Fitness

In a wafting sense of deja vu we are at home again, we're told to limit our gatherings, can't go to the restaurants, etc... so staying in and playing Stadia or binging that next show is the order of the day.

We got a Google TV with Chromecast last year and it's just made watching TV so much easier.  We've really even forgot all about Roku entirely.  We just love it.  And it's going to get better for the home in a couple of ways: control your smart home items and fit integration.

In an interview over at Protocol, the Director of Product Management (Rob Caruso), discussed what he saw as the next bit of roadmap for the platform.

He discusses getting it in with more partners and getting it out to more people, but what caught my eye was being able to see that the smart home options.  

It makes sense - my smart displays like the nest hub etc... all have a 'tab' for me to look over my lights and assistants, Roomba, etc... it only makes sense to have that also on the TV display too.  Interacting may be a little tougher as it's not a touch display.

The other was Fitness.  Now, how - that'd be interesting - i.e. is it just to display what your Google Fit status is, but what about multiple people in the house (we still haven't seen other profiles been able yet).

So this is just the 'thought plan' for the future, and we don't know for sure what will happen or when it even might.  But I like the idea.