Canada's Business app has a lot of easy to find links for you

In one of my side bits, I keep track of a bunch of different supports for businesses over at

Most recently, I've shared about a new app... well, maybe it's not new, but it's new to me.  The Canada Business App.

The system is set up that you can create your own business profile and then look through the list of services to see what's appropriate to your needs.  They'll put a little circle of ON or SK depending on if it's a provincial only program.

Favourite a service so you can refer back to it easily, or you can even set a deadline for applications into your calendar for that extra reminder.

They even set up a 'service bot' to help you search through the types.

A lot of my daily work is to work with businesses who have these kinds of questions, and I've always joked that I'm just that much better at 'googling' than they are.  A service like this may put me out of a job (hah, jk).  But if you need help with your business - use this app, but also feel free to reach out to your Small Business Centre in Ontario for a dedicated staff member like me to help you out.

Get it on Google Play