Super Animale Royale is a cutesy arena death match

There's so many 'battles' or 'royales' out there, it's hard to keep track of.  But this... this is a PUBG meets Animal Crossing game.

Essentially, you have a character who starts off just like a Fortnite type screen, pick a battle and then you get dropped in by an Eagle Bus to a top down shooter game.

Like Fortnite, you start with a melee weapon (in my case, a katana) and you go around hacking at boxes to get weapons and shoot the other players.

It's got all sorts of animal puns in here to make it cutesy.

I think I should have tried playing with a controller as it was a little hard for me with mouse and keyboard to keep the direction of shooting.

It also took me a moment to be like "hey where did that guy go" ... even tho' it's top down overview of the map, if someone goes behind a tree, out of your player's line of sight, you can't see them on the display.

Kinda fun for sure.  And it's free on Stadia!