Stepping up your Gaming with a 4K monitor - LG UltraFine UP850

So, you've been working from home, hopefully not just working off of the laptop screen, hopefully you have a spare monitor.

And then maybe if you're enjoying some video games (I'm liking Stadia myself), so I'd like to have a quality view of the game. Maybe you're just super productive and want a huge amount of workspace...

You'll need a 4K monitor and of decent size too ... today I'm reviewing the LG UltraFine  27UP850.

It's a 27" model, which doesn't seem large, but for monitors it actually is, so it was a huge step up for me.

Even better it has a minimal foot with a tall post to get it up to whatever height you need for a proper ergonomic view.

Just the last week or so of my having it set up has been really a change for me.  Let's dive in:

First up, for this $550CDN ish in priced monitor what do you get:

  • 27" @ 3840x2160
  • IPS
  • 60Hz
  • Contrast 100:1 - 1200:1
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400
  • HDMI x2
  • Display Port x1
  • USB-C x1
  • USB-A x2
  • Headphone Jack

Interesting enough for me, I thought I could just plop my HDMI adapter I had for my laptop, so just pop in a new monitor and go on ...

Using it for work was just fine - but if I wanted to start watching some Youtube or playing some game, I would get a ton of issues for streaming.  Was weird.  Saying I had connection issues.

I couldn't figure it out. HDMI is good enough for 4K on TV from other streaming... but, I found that as soon as I changed the connection to the USB-C port, and then used the USB-A ports on the back of the monitor for my accessories (keyboard/mouse , etc...) it worked just seemlessly.

Best of all, the power from the monitor also would charge the laptop!  So I had to rearrange my plugs and cords (hence, I'm not going to really show off the monitor much as my cables are all over the place and my OCD is bugging me).

But once set up for the connection you can adjust the height of the monitor up or down to find the right height, and it's eerily stable for it to just give a bit of pressure to adjust it up or down, and then it just stays put.

To make any adjustments on the monitor itself there is just one 'button' on the whole thing and it's just on the underside of the monitor in the dead centre.

It's a button that can also be toggled left or right, or up or down (side to side or back and forth); it's even lit for you to find it in the dark .

You can press it in (push upwards) and you'll be given a little on screen display of options for inputs/settings/picture mode/power.

Using the button to move up or down or left/right you can choose those options.  Settings obviously brings in things like bright/contrast as well as other settings.

Without pressing if you toggle it left or right you'll get volume (yes, there are speakers built in - tho' sometimes I've found that sometimes the Windows laptop doesn't recognize the sound output, so may need to unplug and plug it back in for it to recognize).

In terms of the pseakers, it is not bad, it's downward firing - so I find it a little bit of a weird sound field.  I also found it to be very bass heavy.  Watching shows tends to have not as clear voices.  But playing a game the music is just thumping and the sounds of gunfire really resonate.

Cool stuff...

...but we're not here to talk about how it sounds or how it sits on your desk... the most important part is how it looks.

And it's stunning.  Maybe I had such a terrible monitor before, hah.

Once I got the HDMI vs. USB-C thing figured out, Stadia was running just super fluid.  The extra size really made me feel like I was in the game.

I also love just taking anything that's 4K I just love to watch anything on Youtube that shows off 4K, and it's just gorgeous.  

Great videos to just work next to.

Games are just fluid and crisp, watching Youtube shows so clean and without any static to it.

Going to be really sad to send it back and go back to my old monitor.  So I'll be on a lookout for a sale!