LTE issues with my Pixel 6

By now, I should normally have provided you a fulsome review of the Pixel 6.  I like to do the unboxing, initial impressions, a one weeker, and then a full review (as well as some comparisons etc...).

However, as much as I do like the phone, I'm having an issue that I just can't write up a full review without ignoring it.  So I'm kinda holding off while I really troubleshoot and figure it out.

I've read a few others having the same issue as me.  Just google "Pixel 6 losing LTE".

First I thought it was some weird fluke.  I am almost always within Wifi ... so I wouldn't notice that I had no LTE.  But as I've been out and about holiday shopping I would notice that several times on a walk that I'll look at my device and the LTE+ label is gone from the cellular status, and it was just the triangle.  Sometimes the triangle would have a ! in it.  

Even more awkward was that sometimes it would go from LTE+ to LTE, and whereas there usually wasn't much difference, but it was noticeably slow.  LTE would only get me like 1MBPS speed, definitely not normal.

I would have to put it in Airplane mode and then take it out and it re-registers itself.  Odd... but it kept happening with random occurrences.  

I took the SIM out and put it back in my Pixel 5 for a day or so.  No issues.  Tried on the 4a5G.  No issues.  Put it back in the 6 and had it again.

Googled the problem a lot and there's suggestions around trying to 'lock it' to LTE, or turn off the 'adaptive connectivity' ...

Tried all the remedies, but still persisted.

I've contacted Google and they suggested the typical 'reset your device, reset your network settings...'.  I didn't like those options.  They did suggest a new SIM, so I went down to Bell and the staff there did say my SIM was an old one so they updated it.  Seemed to be fixed for a couple days, but then this morning there have been 2 drops.

I'll just be driving and at a light I'll look at my phone and notice the /!\ warning.  Next light I'll put it in Airplane and out, and then get to work and the warning is back.

I don't know if it's because I'm passing between towers (and they are putting some 5G in... on the new SIM I'll see it sometimes bop down to H+, something I haven't seen in forever); but the issues don't happen on any of my other Pixels.

I'm awaiting the new Pixel 6 update which apparently has over 100 fixes... maybe something there will correct this.

Do you have a 6 or 6 Pro?  Do you see this issue?