Whoosh to help keep your phone clean

I just picked up a new phone for work, and very interesting enough it came with a sample of the Whoosh products in the bag - which is funny as I had just received this package from Whoosh.

Let's check 'em out:

The idea is that you're constantly handling your phone, and sometimes you're wanting to show a friend a device, or just who knows what can get on it.  Why not give it a clean.  

Usually, I just sometimes give it a wipe with the sleeve of my coat, but that's not going to be cleaning it.  Whoosh makes a series of products to help with that, whether it's just simply a shammy cloth, some wipes or some spray for the shammy.

Nothing like a little cleaning to make your phone feel like new.  Think about it - right now, especially if you have a case - when was the last time it was cleaned?  Go ahead, take the case off your phone right now... it's probably pretty grungy.  Give it a good wipe now.  

In the unboxing you'll see that there is a bag with the cleaner and a shammy (this is also what I got for free with the wireless provider when I got the phone):  https://ca.whoosh.com/collections/screen-shine/products/whoosh-screen-shine-go ($9.99 gets you a small spritzer and 15cm x 15cm cloth)

There was also the wipes (something we're really used cleaning down surfaces these days):  https://ca.whoosh.com/collections/whoosh-screen-shine-wipes-award-winning-screen-cleaner-for-smartphones-ipads-eyeglasses-kindle-led-lcd-tvs/products/screen-shine-wipes-20-flow-pack ($9.99 for a 20 pack)

There's also a single cloth (but you get 4):  https://ca.whoosh.com/collections/whoosh-antimicrobial-microfiber-cloths-best-for-smartphones-ipads-eyeglasses-kindle-led-lcd-tvs/products/4-pack-of-screen-cleaning-cloths ($9.99 for a 4 pack)

Lastly there were 3 extra screen cleaners:  https://ca.whoosh.com/collections/screen-shine/products/screen-shine-grab-n-go (either $11.99 for one, or $29.99 for 3)

I've had that shammy from them for a couple years now and it's good on its own for cleaning off the screen, just the cleaner solution is great to ensure a good clean!

Source:  https://ca.whoosh.com/