Sony just made a wicked camera phone (Pro-I)

Where's ol' Mark Lastiwka when you need him.  He was our resident Sony fan, and as much as we razzed him about it, they did make some pretty neat things.  

Sadly, Sony decided to ditch the phone game, not entirely (like LG did) tho', and pulled out of only some markets, like Canada.

In the ol' US of A you can still get a Sony phone.  One in particular I would love to get my hand on is this new Sony Xperia PRO-I.

This upper level flagship isn't just a flagship with a phone, it's a kick ass Sony camera sensor with a phone built around it.

In addition to the camera lens using Zeiss glass, it has a 1" image sensor.  Something you don't see until you get to higher level DSLRs allowing you to take amazing photos and video, but then pairs it with a 6.5" 4K screen with 120Hz refresh.


It better be awesome, it's running at $1800USD