So happy to have a case for the Pixel 6

I love the new Pixel 6.  Tensor chip, cool camera, neat Magic Eraser... but it was slippery, I was scared of scratching it or that it would slip out of my pocket.

For $40, Google has a case specific to the phone.  

Unfortunate as for the past few years I've rocked the Pixel, I've always had the 'denim' / fabric style.  It was really distinctive. But it was $50... so for a little bit cheaper here's the new model.  

It also is made from recycled plastics (albeit the previous was using 70%, whereas the new model is 30%).

It's translucent which lets you see your phone back, so if you had a funkier colour, it's nice to show off. There are different 'shades' of the translucent.  The model I have is the Stormy Sky, kinda greyish.  But you can get like a pinky (Cotton Candy) and a cyan'ish (Light Rain).

If you're getting this phone, you'll need a case.. as much as I baby my devices, I'm not chancing ANYTHING.  And, why not get the model from the folks that built the phone.