Pixel's Hold For Me feature - very neat

Did something the other day I haven't done in a long time... tried to talk to a customer service system.

Who wants to talk to people these days anyways?  But, this was important.  Internet went down and it was gone for over 45 minutes, so something must be up.  I should call.

Then, that's when I discovered we had the Pixel "Hold For Me" feature with Google Assistant.  I had heard about it, but just assumed like usual that us Canadians are left in the cold.

I've used the Call Screening feature a few times for some spammers or just for fun on my family... but I guess I just hadn't ever tried to call some place.

So, I called Shaw, and immediately as I started picking options, the "Hold For Me" option appeared.

Now, it didn't have the features like the Pixel 6 will have, where it hears the options and displays it on screen for you (would have loved that feature), but it still let me put them on hold while I was on hold.

They really recommend you do it when you've punched in all your options and you're legitimately just waiting, as it sits through the horrible hold music and transcribes anything it hears on the screen for you.

When it hears a real voice it'll beep and let you join the call.

I got too antsy and just rejoined every few moments just to be sure, so I never got to test it out fully.  But very cool.