Unboxing the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I've said before, it's coming up to hygge time here in the north; so get ready to cuddle up with a soft blanket, cup of coffee and just relish in that comfort.  And, why not read a book instead of binging another streaming show?

Today I got to unbox the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

I've never used one before, but I've been a long time reader of books on devices, even back as far as my Palm days with the iSilo app, so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

The new model is slightly bigger from what I can tell, and will run you $149CDN (there is a model for 32GB which is $60 more, but 8GB should still be hundreds of books at once).

Here's the unboxing, and I'll give you some of my initial impressions soon followed by a full review: