The new Pixel is here! Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Just love reveal days.  Just have to wait until October 28th before it hits shelves (and that's in the US, hopefully we keep the same time frame).

The new Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are here.  Last year was the only year Pixel launched with just one.  The Pixel 5.  The Pixel 5 still hasn't come out yet.  The Pixel 4 came out with an XL variant.

But, the Pixel 6 Pro isn't just a 'bigger' model, it's got some other stuff to talk about.

First up, here's the video from today's launch:

But first, let's look at the specs:

Pixel 6Pixel 6 Pro
Screen size6.4"6.7"
RefreshUp to 90HzUp to 120Hz
ProcessorGoogle Tensor
Camera (rear)50MP (f/1.85, 82°, 1.3µm)50MP (f/1.85, 82°, 1.2µm)
12MP (f/2.2, 114°, 1.25µm)12MP (f/2.2, 106.5°, 1.25µm)
48MP (f/3.5, 23.5°, 0.8µm)
Camera (front)8MP (f/2.0, 84°, 1.12µm)11.1MP (f/2.2, 94°, 1.22µm)
OtherGorilla Glass Victus
Reverse Qi
In display Fingerprint

So, lots to digest there, let's check it out:

Let's talk the design.  They really wanted to hype up the fact that the future of new phones is no longer going to be just FASTER processors, but processors that adapt to future needs.  Hence the new Tensor chip.  Adapting for AI, adjusting battery consumption, better pictures, etc...

That breakaway from the rest they really wanted to highlight that the camera will be different and have that prominent band there.

But it's just not to make it look snazzy, the photo capabilities are there too.  For the first time in years they've upped the specs (not that they probably had to), but with Tensor now it really shines.  Face unblurring, or adding blur where it should, magic eraser is just phenomenal.

Just watch the video to see their examples.  Awesome.  Will be cool to see the Magic Eraser come to other Pixels.

The Tensor chip allows it to better understand language and pick out commands in the voice to text input.

It's interesting how much time they spent on the 'design' of it, and I'd always noticed how then they tell you to put it in a case that wouldn't show.  And this year they have translucent cases.  They, like previous cases, are made from recycled materials.

Hopefully, the call screening feature will come to all Pixels too (not just US), the demo they gave was pretty cool, how it would read out for you the 'options' when you're on calls (i.e. the 'press 1 for customer service, 2 for accounts...' and it'll display those options on the screen).

Most interesting is that the new line will have 5 years of software updates.

It'll be a heck of a phone.  Can't wait to get my hands on it and try it out (hopefully, before it gets too cold to try some photos outside!).