Sabre has a new 'smart' pepper spray

Now, I'll preface this with the fact that pepper spray is a prohibited weapon in Canada... so if you're this side of the border, forget about this.

The new free SABRE Personal Safety App sends help alerts to the users selected contacts with their location when in-app alert button is pressed or when the new SABRE SMART Pepper Spray is deployed. 


The user’s selected contacts are immediately notified by SMS text and sent a map link to pinpoint their exact location as well as geo-tracking location updates when either the pepper spray was used or when in-app alert button is manually pressed.  The app was designed in partnership with leading safety platform Noonlight.


SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray connects with a smartphone through the App. It can also alert first responders with a paid subscription.  ($79.99)


·       Download at the Apple App Store:

·       Download at the Google Play Store:



This app is for everyone with an active, on the go lifestyle who are trying to stay safe, connected to their loved ones, and feel less vulnerable. Perfect for runners, hikers, bikers, travelers, students, women, seniors and their caregivers.  Key Features:


·       Pairs with SABRE SMART Pepper Spray

·       Sends alert by push of a button in the app or when pepper spray is deployed

·       Sends alert notifications to list of selected contacts

·       Sends alert notifications to first responders (with paid Noonlight subscription)

·       Always know where you are with the in-app location map

·       Geo-tracks your exact location in real time

·       Allows you to see your SMART Pepper Spray Battery Power Level and Pairing Status