Over the Air Wireless Charging

Okay, so apparently I've missed out on Oppo and Xiaomi discussing this, but just saw Motorola demo their Over the Air WirelessPower.


I remember years and years ago talking about Tesla's wireless power options and seeing how it powered up a lightbulb across the room...

...except then they were talking about a fairly large amount of power to power a small bulb... highly inefficient.

But, it's being demonstrated here, and fairly... cool like.  Like almost anywhere, it just turns on.

Now, I wonder how much that thing is pumping out, and is it really something you want to be just hanging around all the time?  Do you have to turn on the wireless charging mode for it to 'sense' each other and flick on the power?

I was at a tech competition a few years back and they had someone building a wireless charger that would work from the distance of a foot or so (they were imagining a coffee table with a base/shelf that had the charger to charge anything on top of it).

So, who knows.  I think it'd be cool, but at what cost?

Maybe in a few years or so it'll be commonplace.