LG launches 2 new speakers: XBOOM 360 and UltraGear Gaming Speaker

LG may not be putting phones out anymore, but the company is still around putting items out (like applicances, etc...).  Today they're announcing 2 new speakers, the UltraGear Gaming Speaker and a new XBOOM 360 speaker.

In tech news today, LG Canada has announced two new products entering the Canadian market: its first-ever sound solution designed specifically for gamers, as well as the newest versatile XBOOM 360 speaker, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 



  • The LG UltraGearTM Gaming Speaker (model GP9) is the perfect companion to LG’s premium UltraGear TM gaming monitors, touting 3D Gaming Sound technology, one-of-a-kind “voice chat” and Game Genre Optimizer with two modes that can customize game audio to match what the user is playing. 
  • Typically only found in high-end audio products, the reflector structure of the tweeter and woofer on the new LG XBOOM 360 speaker (model RP4) is designed to deliver 360-degree sound with minimal distortion. The burgundy colour will be available in Canada. 




LG’s Audio Solutions Offers Optimized Sound, Design and Features


TORONTO, September 22, 2021 — LG Electronics Canada (LG) announces two new products entering the Canadian market: its first-ever sound solution designed specifically for gamers, as well as the newest versatile XBOOM speaker, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

LG UltraGearTM Gaming Speaker

The LG UltraGearTM Gaming Speaker (model GP9) is the perfect companion to LG’s premium UltraGear TM gaming monitor, taking players deeper into the action with three-dimensional, game-optimized sound. The GP9 offers easy control, seamless compatibility with PCs and the latest gaming consoles, with a stylish yet unobtrusive design. The new speaker will launch in Canada in October 2021.


LG’s UltraGear Gaming Speaker is a key component of the company’s strategy to expand its UltraGear ecosystem with new innovations that take the gaming experience to exhilarating new heights. With the rapid growth of the gaming industry, the need for premium gaming sound is rising as well. Leveraging its expertise in audio technology, the new speaker boasts LG’s proprietary 3D Gaming Sound technology which incorporates a specially designed HRTF (head-related transfer function) algorithm to tailor a game’s audio according to genre. This results in users being able to experience stunningly detailed virtual surround sound complete with a realistic sense of space, position and directionality, all without a cumbersome headset.


Based on this innovative technology, the LG GP9 also features Game Genre Optimizer with two modes that can customize game audio to match what the user is playing. FPS Mode allows first-person shooter game fans to hear the smallest of details, allowing them to react even quicker to an enemy stealthily closing in on their position. RTS Mode ramps up the realism with genuine spatial sound that can immerse players in their favourite real-time strategy (RTS), racing and all other games like never before. And thanks to support for DTS Headphone:X, the LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker can provide convincing 7.1 virtual surround sound when using headsets or earphones. 1


The GP9 is a one-of-a-kind “voice chat” gaming speaker that allows users to communicate with other players without the need for separate headsets or microphones. The built-in mics utilize LG’s unique echo-cancellation algorithm which can distinguish a user’s voice from game sounds and background noises. The advanced speaker can also perform the role of the discrete sound card many PC gamers prefer. Not only does it allow users to download professionally tuned EQ settings via a companion app, the speaker also lets users share custom sound settings for specific games with other gamers.


And because the LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker is Hi-Res Audio certified, gamers get first-class sound quality when playing their favourite titles. With higher sampling rates, Hi-Res Audio delivers a richer, more complete reproduction of original sound during gameplay. The impressive performance of the GP9 is taken to the next level by a built-in Hi-Fi Quad DAC (ES9038PRO), an advanced technology typically found only in high-end audio equipment. 2 When connected to a PC, the speaker delivers the full benefit of its Hi-Fi Quad DAC – premium sound that makes every game feel far more real.


The responsibly manufactured speaker also highlights LG’s ongoing commitment to the environment, having received Eco-Product certification from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland.4


LG XBOOM 360 speaker

The new LG XBOOM 360 speaker (model RP4) from LG, features a conical-cylindrical design and delivers authentic, omnidirectional audio that is perfect for any space or occasion. Pleasing to the eye, the speaker’s unique form factor enables the LG XBOOM 360 to radiate sound in all directions for a lifelike performance with impressive power and clarity. Ideal for today’s lifestyle focused on small social gatherings, this stylish speaker will make its debut in Canada this month.


The attractive conical-cylindrical shape of the LG XBOOM 360 isn’t just pleasing to the eye, its function is to accommodate the distortion-free reflector structure of the speaker. Typically only found in high-end audio products, the reflector structure of the tweeter and woofer is designed to deliver 360-degree sound with minimal distortion. Whether indoors or out, the XBOOM 360 envelops listeners in rich, detailed audio, bringing a sense of three-dimensional vitality to every genre of music.


The LG XBOOM 360 can create the right atmosphere for any occasion thanks to 360-degree mood lighting with three different presets – Ambient, Nature and Party – as well as a range of customizable lighting options and sound effects when used with the companion app. In the app, users will also find the crowd-pleasing DJ Effect feature which allows for the mixing of multiple samples as well as scratching and other sound effects. The speaker offers 10 hours of listening enjoyment on a single charge, includes a built-in metal handle for easy mobility, and has a chic, highly durable fabric cover (available in Burgundy) that brings instant warmth and style to any setting. 5


Most importantly, the XBOOM 360 demonstrates LG’s continuing commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. Fabricated partially from recycled plastic and other post-consumer materials, the eco-conscious speaker has received Eco-Product certification from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland, Environmental Claim Validation from Underwriters Laboratories and Global Recycled Standard recognition from Control Union Certifications.6



Size                                     250 x 514 x 250mm (WHD)

Power                                120W RMS (when connected to power source)

Speaker                             Authentic Omnidirectional Sound

                                            Glass Fiber Woofer 5.25-inch x 1

                                            Titanium Horn Tweeter 1.0-inch x 1

Other Features                Mood Lighting (Ambient / Nature / Party)

                                            DJ Effect (app required)

                                            Wireless Party Link (connect two speakers wirelessly)

                                            XBOOM App (iOS/Android)

Portability                         Up to 10 hours battery life (29Wh) between charges

                                            Carrying Handle

Connectivity                     Bluetooth / USB 2.0 / Aux

1    Compatible with standard 3.5mm audio jacks.

2  ESS Technology’s ES9038PRO chip (SABRE® PRO Flagship 32-bit HypersStream® II 8-ch Audio DAC) is a 32-bit Quad DAC featuring 132 dB DNR. It is designed for professional audio equipment and qualifies for the industry standard for High-Resolution Audio. With its multiple connectivity options, users can connect the speaker to other Hi-Fi devices via an AUX cable (connectivity via AUX cable may vary by Hi-Fi device).

3  Depending on connectivity terminals, some products or models may not be supported.

4    SGS Eco-Product certification based on several factors, including the use of recycled materials in product packaging. Ships in eco-conscious packaging featuring internal packing material made from recycled molded pulp, an environmentally preferable alternative to polystyrene foam and plastic.

5    Colour options and availability vary by market.

6    SGS Eco-Product certification is based on four major environmental criteria covering resource efficiency, usage of hazardous substances, energy savings and recyclability measured over a product’s lifespan. UL’s Environmental Claim Validation requires the eco-conscious attributes of a product match the claims made by the manufacturer. Model RP4 contains recycled post-consumer polyester.