Samsung introduces new portal for repair service

It's inevitable.  Nothing's perfect, and eventually something may fail during warranty period.  Getting phones repaired is a tricky business, especially if you want it with warranty certified repair centres.  Back when I used to do it, it was a weirdly arcane kind of thing.  Only official representatives could contact centres and arrange for pick ups/work. 

Well, Samsung's out to fix some of that and take away the mysteriousness of repair service with their new "Your Service" online repair portal

Last Wednesday Samsung introduced the latest additions to the Galaxy ecosystem at Samsung Unpacked - this week, we wanted to take a quick moment to celebrate the launch of another innovative Samsung offering, designed to provide Canadians more choice and flexibility in their customer care: the Samsung Your Service online portal.

Extending the convenience of Door-to-Door and walk-in repair services already available across Canada, the Samsung Your Service online portal allows Galaxy smartphone and tablet users to navigate a range of customer care actions, all in one place:

o   Register a Galaxy device and check warranty status

o   Request support from Samsung experts

o   Self-schedule a free and convenient Door-to-Door device pick up

o   Track ongoing repair services

The Your Service online portal is now available in Canada for Galaxy smartphone and tablet customers - simply navigate to Wearable and laptop customers can also access Door-to-Door repair service, which can be arranged through Live Chat or by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG.

For more information on the Your Service portal, please see: