My Time at Portia - is it the right time for you?

We all could use a good time waster.  It's the last few weeks before school's back in and a somewhat semblance of routine can return, so let's ensure we soak up all that relaxation time we can.

I'm finding that with the heatwave somewhat over, some of the smoke has receded, that just it's perfect to hang out in the hammock.  Sometimes I can just stare at the lilac branches and enjoy.  Other times I'll need some sort of distraction: a good book, music, maybe a game.

So, there was this game that I was given some early access to try, and I'll admit, it's not the kinda game for me.  But I wanted to give it a fair shake.  It's called "My Time at Portia".

The idea is that your character moves to this island as he's inherited a shack, and he wants to become a builder.  On the island it's like one giant builder 'guild' where you can get jobs of things to build and increase your reputation.

You build by finding things on the ground or going mining.

Using the materials to fix up the house, build your jobs etc...

I found it ... well, to be honest, boring.  I never really was a Minecraft fan either tho'... even that took too long sometimes, having to grind out to find ore and then back to the smelter.

This I found even worse.  As you can see in the video, to make the stone blocks, to make 8 of them in the furnace was going to take 20 hours.  That's 2.5 hours for each.  So even if I only needed one, I'd have to wait 2.5 hours.  Yeah, that's not going to hold my attention.

But, if you're relaxing in the hammock, not a care in the world, why not.  

My Time at Portia - $7.99CDN

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