My new fun little time waster - Dots & Co

As much as I love my Stadia games, I just don't play much - never enough time... so much of the games I get to play in my mini distractions have to be pretty mindless, simple.

This is my new distraction game:  Dots & Co

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Pretty straight forward game.  Dots fall down and you gotta connect them to move them off the board.  But the board takes funny shapes, has ice that needs to be broken, or anchors or balloons or... it's enough variety that it still makes it fun.

I'm not sure if it's one of those "oh its solvable, you just have to do it in the right way" as every time I can't do a level and reset, it's got a new configuration.

Some levels I'll spend a day on (and keep in mind you're only getting like 5 plays free at a time, then it needs to recharge for a while, unless you're paying)