Google's new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

D'oh, can't believe it - it's been almost a solid week since the announcement and I hadn't written anything about that.  Sorry.  Been a bit of a weird week.

Okay, that and I'm just that much excited for a new Pixel and not only just a new Pixel, but a model that is returning with a Pro variant.

Interesting that they'll call it 'Pro' and not just have a regular or XL.  Either way, I'm excited.

Google announced their new device (which we'd seen all over a variety of different leak sites already) but just gave that teaser with "more details to follow".

So, what did they share about the new Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 Pro?

First off, the big announcement, despite there being a ton of interest in the phones, was the fact that they are moving to their own SoCs.  Previously, everything had been Qualcomm's Snapdragon series.  Which is kinda like the industry 'standard'.  

But, these new phones will come with Google's "Tensor" SoC.  

These apparently have things like their other chips they had for processing great photos and other AI features (like they had with Neural Core or Visual Core previously) all wrapped up into one - and apparently makes all those great photo editing features just as easily done here for video.  Now, we're starting to hear that these are built by Samsung and may just be a slightly modified Exynos chip.

Okay, outside the new chip, what else do we know?

Well, there'll be 2 variants, a 'plain jane' and the Pro.

The difference is that the Pro will be bigger (obvs -- 6.4" 1080p @ 90Hz vs. 6.7" QuadHD @ 120Hz) and will have that slightly curved edge to the screen like we've seen on Samsung, TCL, and others.  You can also slightly make here (and definitely in other shots) that the Pro has a bit of a metallic band around the casing and the camera bump.

Speaking of the camera bump - it reminds me of the Nexus 6 look.  The bump will have 2 cameras for the 6 (a wide, and an ultra wide) and 6 Pro will have 3 (a wide, an ultra wide and a 4x zoom).  No word on specs outside the fact that the wide will let in 150% more light.

Same with no specs on battery sizes, or Qi (assuming it will have it).

We also don't know costs yet, but we'll have to wait until Fall.  So, that's officially Sept 20 is 'fall'... so just 43 more days.